Victoria Hammond
Another Chapter is About to Begin!

Hi Aspies!!!

I know it’s been a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time since I made a blog post! I’m so sorry for not paying attention to my blog. I was kind of lacking it because I didn’t really have anything to write about. Life has been kinda slow and not very interesting until now.

For one thing I got accepted to Humber College!!! I’m so excited to begin a new chapter in my life. I’ve finally decided to become more independant and get out into the world. I’m going to be taking Cosmetic Management so it’s pretty exciting :)

Another exciting thing that happened was I finally saw Aaron Carter in concert for only the second time in my life. It has been 10 years since I last saw him and I finally got to meet my childhood idol in person after waiting so patiently. I will do another post on that special night right after I finish writing this one.

To add to the fun, my grandma got a new kitten! I know that’s not really exciting for some people, but I love kitty witty’s so I was very happy to finally meet little Pumpkin :) She is so soft and sweet and absolutly adorable!!! It was fun playing with her, I dangled my ear phones infront of her so she could take a swing at them.

So the next big exciting thing happening is Halloween! I love this time of year so so so so much and I’ve got a few Halloween tutorials in the works to help you with some makeup and costume ideas :)

That’s all for now, hope you guys are enjoying your Fall as much as I am!

Singing along with Bleeker Ridge live on the radio :)
Pleased With New Channel

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a blog on here. The thing is I really didn’t see a point in using it much anymore because of all the other social networking sites I’m on. I didn’t know what to use Tumblr for anymore. I’m not saying I’m quiting Tumblr, I just need more inspiration for using it. I decided to finally use it again to write about how awesome you guys are :)

My new Youtube channel is coming to a great start. I told you all to subscribe to my new channel, and you guys are still clicking that Subscribe button like it’s your job! Thanks a lot :)

You guys have no idea how much it means to me that you watch my videos. I love reading all the comments and messages you send me. I feel so happy knowing that I am helping people who have Asperger Syndrome and people who have children with Asperger’s. Knowing that my videos are helpful to someone amazes me. I have never considered myself a role model before, but I’m starting to realize it.

I never thought that I would be inspring so many people with these videos or even making money off of my videos either! That’s just incredible :) I owe it all to you for this happening. Thank you for subscribing, supporting, and inspiring me to keep going. Connecting with all of you and staying in touch with you is how I stay motivated to keep going and loving life.

I wish I could meet all of you in person and hug and thank you all, but I can’t unfortunatly. However, we can still stay connected! So I’m allowing you all to photo reply to this post so I can see who you all are :) I respect your decision if you don’t want to reveal your identity. I’m just giving you the opportunity if you want to.

Thank you so much!!!!!!

My friend Jason makes really cool Vlogs on Youtube, I encourage you to check him out and subscribe :) Here’s a video of us at Yogurty’s in Toronto together. There are a few other videos he has with me too.

A video I filmed at the Sumo Cyco concert in Toronto this past weekend :)

Here’s a video my friend filmed from the Sumo Cyco concert durring my trip to Toronto this past weekend :)

Feeling sick today :(
Day three in Oakville :) Side swept bangs, yay or nay?
Back in Oakville after a day of fun in Toronto, it’s late and I’m so tired, but I will not forget it :)
Enjoying a smoothie from McDonalds at the Eaton Centre :)